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PureCybin is the most comprehensive brain enhancement microdoses available worldwide. A tremendous level of research, talent and rigor went into the development of PureCybin, and our customers love the results. Psilocybin is a miracle of the natural world due to its powerful psychoactive effects. It is linked to the wisdom of nature and humanity and has been scientifically proven to possess phenomenal therapeutic benefits. This fascinating fungus has helped treat addiction, anxiety, and depression. PureCybin provides premium 100% organically cultivated microdose blends to promote holistic and natural healing.

Microdosing psilocybin mushrooms enhances levels of creativity, more energy, increased focus, and improved relational skills, as well as reduced anxiety, stress, and even depression. Microdosing psilocybin also helps with heighten spiritual awareness and enhance senses.

PureCybin is the world’s first psilocybin microdoses shipped worldwide! PureCybin boosts all aspects of cognition in all types of people. We believe that every customer deserves access to the highest quality products and pride ourselves as your direct one stop shop to the best micro-dosed magic mushrooms in the world, delivered from Canada. Our products are also certified organic and free from any type of filler, pesticide, or additive.

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Purecybin is formulated by a team of mushroom experts who utilize their skills with psilocybin on making groundbreaking products for health and well-being. Microdosing mushrooms can help in the treatment of multiple illnesses, including PTSD, Depression, ADHD, Anxiety, and various other mental ailments. PureCybin works because superior quality is our top priority- in every formula detail, every step of the way. At PureCybin we belive your brain is your universe and it deserves optimal quality. And to Buy Magic Mushrooms In Canada trust PureCybin.

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Psilocybin is a powerful hallucinogenic substance derived from certain types of mushrooms grown in different location around the world. It is known for a variety of health benefits such as treating PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, boosting the immune system, fighting cancer, and has been used for over 6000 years by the Chinese as part of their traditional medical treatments.

Psilocybin works by activating the 5-hydroxytryptamine or serotonin receptors part of the human brain to enhance mood and boost cognition. Along with treating these mental ailments, microdosing psilocybin benefits include increase mental performance, like memory, focus, attention, learning, concentration, multitasking ability, long range brain health, mental clarity, creativity, and optimal energy. Buy Magic Mushrooms online in Canada at PureCybin!

Dried Shrooms in Canada

There’s a large variety of magic shrooms available in Canada. The most commonly used of which are psilocybin mushrooms – or dearly known as dried shrooms. They are a kind of fungus – one that’s being consumed for its medicinal properties for centuries now.

These raw mushrooms have been harvested, dried, and prepared for consumption. The drying of psilocybin mushrooms really improves their strength.

If you’re looking for dried shrooms in Canada, you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Read on!

What Is Psilocybin?

The active component in magic mushrooms, psilocybin, contributes towards the psychedelic effects of the ingredient. In the past, it was viewed in a negative light. However, recently, the views have become more favourable around it and it is gaining acceptance in different societal circles.

This shift in opinion is mostly owed to the numerous medicinal advantages that dried mushrooms provide.

Are Dried Shrooms Safe?

Dried shrooms have historically been seen as a dangerous drug. However, the truth is that magic mushrooms are relatively safe to take. Just make sure to take appropriate doses and do so in a responsible manner.

The dangers come from irresponsible use as opposed to the effects of psilocybin itself. Thus, you should not drive under any circumstances if you are high on shrooms. 

What To Expect From Dried Mushrooms

When using dried mushrooms, you can expect a wide range of results in terms of severity. Why? Well, it is due to the fact that not all magic mushrooms are created equal. Furthermore, the mushroom farmer’s competence will have an impact on the final product’s quality.

That is why, purchasing mushrooms from a reputable supplier such as Purecybin is always a smart choice. High-quality dried mushrooms may be the difference between having a good time and having a bad time.

When you have high-quality dried mushrooms, you may expect a wide range of medicinal effects. You’ll most likely start to notice symptoms like difficulty focusing and a loss of hand-eye coordination.

Then you’ll be hit with a wave of exhilaration while experiencing reality and time distortions. Your mind will open up, and your capacity for reflection will be at its peak. The dose will determine the strength of the effects.

Some of the most frequent positive impacts of dried mushrooms found in Canada are:

  • Heightened senses
  • Open-mindedness/ Mindfulness
  • Reality and Time distortions
  • Increases in Well-Being and General Mood
  • Greater Focus Levels
  • Bouts of Liveliness and Energy
  • Euphoric Sensations
  • Boosts in Creativity
  • Relaxation of Soil, Body, and Mind
  • Numbness of the Mind and Body
  • Increase in Neurological Connections
  • Enhanced Levels of Introspection

Health Benefits Of Psilocybin Mushrooms

Magic mushrooms have only very recently received significant consideration for their medicinal potential. Shrooms were never viewed in a good light for a long time.

However, more research on psilocybin is being performed, and the list of its advantages is expanding by the day. It’s no surprise that so many people in Canada’s dried mushroom community are taking aid of this wonder medication.

Magic mushrooms, containing psilocybin, can assist with a variety of medical issues. Mushrooms, on the other hand, should not be considered a long-term remedy. If you’re going to utilize dried mushrooms for an extended period of time, micro-dosing could be a smart option.

In Canada, dried mushrooms are used for a variety of medicinal purposes, including:

  • To assist in the alleviation of depressive symptoms
  • To alleviate anxiety
  • As an alternative to other addictions
  • To alleviate the symptoms of cancer-related mental illnesses
  • As a technique to assist in the reduction of stress levels in OCD 
  • To get rid of cluster headaches

Negative Impacts of Dried Shrooms

There are certain disadvantages to dried mushrooms. For those who have never been exposed to something comparable, the impacts can be extremely powerful. These impacts materialize especially true when there has been excessive drinking. Dosing dried mushrooms in a careful and educated manner should be done for this reason.

An essential thing to remember is to be mindful of your own body and its limitations. If you’re unsure, just take it slow. It’s preferable to be safe than sorry.

Some frequent side effects of dried shrooms reported by consumers in Canada are:

  • Enhanced levels of paranoia
  • Frequent episodes of fear
  • Increase in body temperature
  • Amplified confusion
  • Discomfort and stomach aches
  • Bouts of panic attacks
  • Muscle fatigue
  • Reduced control of sense
  • Bouts of light-headedness and dizziness
  • Cottonmouth
  • Nauseating sensations
  • Sensations of distortion
  • Increase in heart rate
  • Enhanced levels of anxiousness
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Unexpected mood changes

How Long Does It Take To Feel The Effects Of Dried Magic Mushrooms?

It’s only natural that if you’re seeking to purchase mushrooms online, you’d want to know how long it’ll take you to experience the effects. The fact is that the amount of time it takes to “activate” depends on how you ingest it.

You should already know this as a mushroom connoisseur, but you can eat your mushrooms whole. You may also add them to your meal or dissolve them in hot water or tea right before drinking.

You may expect to experience the benefits of your mushrooms in approximately 5–10 minutes if you put them in tea. In any case, you should begin to feel the effects of the medication around 30 minutes after taking it.

For How Long Does A Person Experience the Effects?

You may expect to get high for 4 to 6 hours if you buy mushrooms in Canada and consume them. This duration is not, however, a universal range. Certain consumers experience the drug’s effects for far longer than others.

Some people can get it out of their system considerably more quickly than others. There’s a chance you’ll experience some aftereffects till the next day after the “primary high” has gone off.

You should be aware that there is such a thing as a poor trip while ingesting magic mushrooms. When you have irresponsibly taken the substance, you have reached this stage.

Consequently, the results aren’t as enjoyable as you’d want. It might be tough to get rid of these excursions. They usually persist longer, and you might have unpleasant hangover symptoms.

Can You Develop A Mushroom Tolerance?

If you’re not cautious, there’s a good possibility you’ll acquire a tolerance to mushrooms. If you use the medication frequently, it’s quite likely. Taking the medication extensively virtually daily, for instance, might render you partially or permanently addicted to it.

As a result, you must use mushrooms carefully. They are enjoyable to use, but you must use them with a sense of responsibility and maturity as an adult. It is for your benefit that you do this.

You should consult a doctor if you’re concerned about how mushrooms could impact you. They can help you by correctly advising you on how to use it. Furthermore, they will provide you with important pieces of information about whether you should be administering the drug at all.

Dried Shroom Dosage Chart


Dose (in gms)

Therapeutic Effects to Be Expected

Suggested For


Under 0.3

Negligible or no psychedelic impact

Microdosing and new users



Minor euphoric sensations, slight distortions of reality and time

People with less tolerance and beginners



Elevated mood, moderate exhilaration, and a rise in open-mindedness are all common side effects.

Intermediate users with slighter more experience



Major Euphoric sensations, full-on hallucinations. Introspection and open-mindedness

Heavy users interested in full-on effects


Above 3.5

Intense and extreme psychedelic effects, including all the effects mentioned before

Extreme uses which are well aware of what they are indulging in

Types of Magic Mushrooms

There are over 200 different kinds of magic mushrooms on the planet. Each of these mushroom strains has its own set of characteristics. The ones we’ll concentrate on are those that we can consume.

Psilocybe cubensis is the most frequent of the edible variants. In reality, the bulk of psilocybe cubensis items you’ll come across are psilocybe cubensis.

Psilocybe Cubensis

You’ve probably eaten a type of psilocybe cubensis if you’ve consumed dried mushrooms (or any other shroom product at all). Psilocybin mushrooms belong to this family, and they’re what you’ll find on the shelves of Canadian magic mushroom shops.

These mushroom strains possibly give the finest overall combination of effects.

Psilocybe Cyanescens

Psilocybe cyanescens is another famous mushroom strain. Because of their wavy tops and tiny size make these mushrooms known as “wavy caps”.

Psilocybe Azurescen

Many psilocybe azurescen strains are considered to be among the most potent mushrooms available. Paul Stamets found them on the west coast of the United States, and they’ve since become a staple in the dried mushroom community in Canada.

Famous Magic Mushroom Strains

  • Burmese Mushrooms
  • Penis Envy Mushrooms
  • Blue Meanis Mushrooms
  • African Transkei Mushrooms
  • Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Alternatives to Dried Shrooms

Other than dried shrooms, magic mushrooms may be found in a variety of forms. From chocolate shrooms to mushroom tea, you can get a lot of diverse options. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular dried magic mushroom alternatives.

Gummy Shroom Candles

Shroom gummies, like other shroom edibles, are laced with psilocybin. As a consequence, you get a sweet and delicious gummy delight with a psychedelic kick.

Chocolate Shrooms

These treats are ideal for chocolate lovers or those who dislike the flavor of mushrooms. Essentially, psilocybin is infused into the chocolate mix to make shroom chocolates. These edible mushroom items are a fantastic way to consume mushrooms.

Mushroom Tea

Mushroom tea is perhaps the most relaxing method of psilocybin administration. What’s not to appreciate about sipping a good hot cup of tea and knowing that it will whisk you away to another planet in mere minutes?

Magic mushroom tea, like other shroom edibles, is simply ordinary tea laced with psilocybin.

Microdosing Shroom Capsules

It’s even possible to consume magic mushroom pills. Anybody wanting to microdose mushrooms will benefit from mushroom pills. Each pill often contains a modest amount of psilocybin, which eliminates the need for guesswork when it comes to mushroom dosage.

Shroom Alternatives

Purecybin and its derivatives are the most frequent alternatives to magic mushrooms. In reality, marijuana is frequently combined with magic mushrooms rather than being taken alone.

Purecybin has been shown to assist in boosting the intensity of mushrooms and lessen the aftereffects of the trip. From weed extracts to vapes, here are some of the most commonly found weed products:

  • Marijuana Flowers
  • Edibles extracts
  • CBD Canada (Cannabidiol)
  • Cannabis Vapes
  • Edibles Canada

The Best Dried Shroom Products In Canada

When it comes to ordering mushrooms digitally, you want to be sure you’re dealing with a reputable vendor. With such important information, you can ensure you only receive the highest-quality, and cleanest items possible. 

Purecybin collaborates with the best mushroom producers in Canada to provide you with the best-dried mushrooms available. Furthermore, we provide our services at a reasonable cost.

Purecybin strives to offer the greatest prices on the finest goods while providing the best service possible. So join up today to ensure that you never miss out on any of our exclusive deals or discounts at


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Magic Mushrooms are a type of hallucinogen that have a high psilocybin content, which causes users to experience their psychedelic effects.

When tripping on psilocybin mushrooms you will experience feelings of euphoria, heightened social awareness, and hallucinations.

DMT 1ml Purecybin


DMT is considered one of the most valuable hallucinogenic drugs known to man.

This hallucinogen gives you a strong psychedelic high, which only lasts around 15 minutes. If you were to take magic mushrooms, they would likely last around 4-6 hours. Because of this many people dub DMT as the businessman’s special.

DMT mainly comes from South America and is used in the famous Ayahuasca tea.

There are also different types of DMT available in the Canadian Online Market. These include:

DMT .5ml Purecybin


The difference between 5-MEO DMT and N,N-DMT is that 5-MEO comes from the famous poisonous toad, and N,N-DMT comes from root bark. Because of this, the 5-MEO DMT is much more potent form of DMT.

5-MeO DMT .5ml Purecybin


Now if you have ever heard about the DMT toad, then look no further. This is the famous hallucinogenic drug that people like Joe Rogan rave about.

5-MEO DMT is one of the strongest hallucinogenic drugs on the market and is available in cartridge form on Purecybin.

DMT Vape pens are the easiest and most effective way to consume 5-MEO DMT.


Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms


Golden Teacher Magic Mushrooms are a strain of hallucinogenic mushrooms with a very mild but spiritual high. These magic mushrooms are famously known as the perfect beginner’s magic mushroom due to their mild and spiritual effects.

Golden Teachers Magic Mushrooms come from South America and are also widely known for their use in South American shamanistic rituals.

If you are a newcomer to psychedelics, then the Golden Teachers Magic Mushroom is for you!

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms (Premium)


Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are one of the most potent strains of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

A trip on the Penis Envy Magic Mushroom consists of intense visuals and euphoric effects.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms were discovered deep in the jungles of the Amazon by the McKenna brothers.

Since then, they have been spreading like wildfire!

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms


Cambodian Magic Mushrooms are a mid to high potency strain of psilocybin mushrooms.

This strain of magic mushrooms has a very potent high that is accompanied by feelings of euphoria, intense visuals, and increased creativity.

Cambodian Magic Mushrooms were discovered near the famous Angkor Wat Temple in Cambodia.

Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms


Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms are a strain of hallucinogenic mushrooms that have a high psilocybin content, which causes them to have blue patches.

The Blue Meanie is a very resilient magic mushroom and grows in the unhospitable lands of Australia.

When you are tripping on Blue Meanie Magic Mushrooms you will experience feelings of expanded consciousness and visual hallucinations.

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How Can Purecybin Help You?

We take great care to use the most potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each microdose that are gluten-free and non-GMO. This process results in the creating of supplements that both enhance the brain’s adaptive capacity and upregulate the entire body for optimal well-being. And trust only Purecybin for worry free online shroom delivery in Canada.


Improving the health of your brain

The microdoses that Purecybin develops improve your brain in multiple ways. They help your brain to develop learning neurotransmitters, which further improves the blood blow that ultimately improves energy-making you feel energetic and young.


Improves your Memory

There are certain ingredients that these supplements possess, and these ingredients are proven to be improving your memory in an effective way. Thus, you get able to recall information at a quicker pace than before accurately and with more clarity.


Improves your Focus

Life is a whole lot better when we don’t feel dizzy and are able to focus and concentrate on things that are going around us. These blends possess certain ingredients that are scientifically proven to increase your focus.


Improves your Energy

These blends are proven to be increasing the physical as well as mental energy of the individuals, and they contain ingredients like Lions Mane, Ashwagandha, CBD, Niacin, and the list goes on so you can fight off fatigue and live a life that is full of energy.

well being

Improves your Well-being

We create psilocybin microdose blends to help you perform at your peak. They are radically premium performance psilocybin supplements. Safely increase focus, energy, and metal performance for everyone!

Things you must know about micro-dosing!

The practice of consuming little, steady doses of a substance so as to attain the advantages in between the shunning or else the disadvantageous or unfavourable activities will make a difference, which is known to be micro-dosing. While discussing the psychedelics for instance; LSD, psilocybin or mescaline. Microdosing psilocybin has optimum and positive impacts to health that can be advantageous for most of the behavioural or neurological situations. Microdosing magic mushrooms benefit individuals that are going through depression, severe anxiety, insomnia or many other weakening diseases. Consuming little doses of magic mushrooms for over a period of 1 to 4 days has portrayed as an efficacious for most of the ailments of neurology. For that authentic experience buy psilocybin microdoses & magic mushroom microdoses only at Purecybin

Sero LSD Psilo RED

How Can Purecybin Help You?

We take great care to use the most potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each microdose that are gluten-free and non-GMO. This process results in the creating of supplements that both enhance the brain’s adaptive capacity and upregulate the entire body for optimal well-being. And trust only Purecybin for worry free online shroom delivery in Canada.

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