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What to take note of as a first time users of magic mushrooms,

First Time Users Of Magic Mushroom

While this may not be a topic everyone enjoys, the bad trips are made possible, and unfortunately, many users of magic mushrooms experience it at least once. Though not a guarantee, having a good understanding of how it works positions you better for the experience. What is a “Bad Trip” Psychedelic substances all have one […]

Mushroom Myths and Effects

Mushroom Myths And Effects

With the nature of magic mushrooms as a psychedelic drug, that there are certain risks involved in their use that cannot be over-emphasized. Modern media and fear-mongering have however led to one-too-many myths floating around. What Magic Mushrooms are NOT When we understand what magic mushrooms are not, it will be possible to easily differentiate […]

Purecybin – How Much Do Shrooms Cost

Pure Shroomscost

The rise in psychedelics sales across the country has prompted people to inquire about the cost of shrooms. The question of how much do shrooms cost has recently popped up all over the internet. The price of mushrooms varies geographically and also depends on the strain, potency, and quality of the mushrooms. Purchasing from a […]