Can You (And Should You) Smoke Shrooms?

Should You Smoke Shrooms?

Psychedelic culture continues to grow, and all kinds of new theories, slang, and questions have come with this large evolution. People are asking different types of questions from if plant medicine will bring an end to the opioid crisis, to if taking psychedelics will actually enhance your sexual experience. These questions are quite complex and depend on a couple of different factors. However, there are some simpler questions with pretty straightforward answers. One of such is ‘can you smoke shrooms?’. You definitely can smoke magic mushrooms, but should you?

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Before we can really analyze whether smoking magic mushrooms is a good or bad idea, we should first have a clear understanding of what shrooms are. A magic mushroom or ‘shroom’ is any mushroom that contains psilocybin, which is a compound that produces psychedelic effects when consumed. There are more than 200 types of psilocybin mushrooms currently known to man, and the most popular is the psilocybe cubensis. Psilocybin mushrooms have been used in rituals and spiritual ceremonies for centuries, and it is now regarded as a possible treatment for several mental health disorders including anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and depression. You can buy shrooms online from Purecybin, and use the promo code WELCOME22 to get 22% off your order. 

Although psilocybin has been a Schedule I narcotic in federal law for almost 50 years, a large group of people is working to end the prohibition of psilocybin. And research seems to be working in their favor, as studies showing the evidence that psilocybin can treat several mental health conditions continue to pile up.

The Effects of Magic Mushrooms

The experience each individual enjoys from consuming magic mushrooms depends mainly on the type of mushrooms they consume as well as the size of the dose when you buy shroom Canada.

However, the average psilocybin ‘trip’ will offer some mystical experiences including light hallucinations, euphoric feelings, time and space distortion, and sometimes ego death. The effects of shrooms usually begin to show about 30 minutes to an hour after consuming them, and they usually last for up to eight hours. 

A wide range of feelings can be experienced after taking shrooms, from extreme happiness to unexplainable sobbing, and then back to feeling euphoric again. That’s why it’s called a trip because you experience highs, lows, highs again, lows again, and so on for about eight hours at a stretch. You just need to learn how to steer through it, quickly shake off the bad feelings, and get your mind back to the present. 

What Does The Internet Say About Smoking Shrooms?

Most people that take magic mushrooms do so by ingesting them orally through mushroom teas, edibles, or even just chewing the shrooms raw. These edibles and mushroom teas are available for purchase, and you can buy shrooms Canada at Purecybin

But is smoking these shrooms a good idea? The discussions on internet platforms like Reddit and Twitter relating to smoking shrooms have spoken about the smoking of ground-up mushrooms usually along with cannabis on a packed bowl or inside a joint. Although most do not report the exact dose they consume, we assume that it was somewhere between 0.05 and 0.3 grams based on the size of an average joint and bowl. This is basically a microdose of psilocybin mushrooms, and it is most likely to cause a mild high. When compared with the effects gotten from eating the shrooms, smoking this microdose will be quite subtle providing little to no visuals. 

According to the discussions, smoking shrooms provides less significant effects than a real psychedelic experience because the psilocybin begins to burn away quickly when it is exposed to heat, and this weakens its psychoactive potential.

Health Concerns of Smoking Shrooms

This is where we really find out if it is a good idea to smoke magic mushrooms. It could be pretty dangerous because smoking shrooms could leave errant spores in your lungs which can cause some serious problems to your body. 

One of the greatest risks that come from smoking shrooms is aspergillosis. This is a respiratory infection that comes from being exposed to fungus and it could cause several more fatal illnesses such as blood vessel damage. This condition could also cause fatigue, shortness of breath, wheezing, skin lesions, and headache. The treatment for aspergillosis ranges based on the severity of the condition from taking antibiotics to surgery.

The main point is that smoking mushrooms is just not worth the risk. The possible fungal exposure, respiratory health conditions, and the fact that you probably won’t even get to enjoy a psychedelic experience mean that there is no real positive argument in favor of smoking shrooms.

Better Ways To Take Shrooms

After you buy shrooms online, the best way for you to consume your magic mushrooms is by eating them because this allows the psilocybin to enter the body through the digestive system. You can just chew on the mushrooms, and the average dose taken for recreation is between one and two grams. However, most people don’t enjoy the taste and dryness of the shrooms so there are several other ways you can take them. 

A very popular way for people to consume shrooms is by making mushroom tea. It is highly potent and enjoyable. Many people use ginger tea as the base to prevent nausea, and others use the process of lemon tekking. Lemon tekking is basically soaking the shrooms in lemon juice for about 15 minutes and then consuming the whole mixture like a shot. Both of these tend to provide pretty intense trips so they are primarily recommended for experienced psychonauts. 

Another great method of consuming shrooms is in chocolates that contain ground mushrooms because they are very easy to dose and also tasty. Cacao and psilocybin mushrooms have been used by Aztecs for rituals because they were both regarded by the people as gifts from their gods. Luckily for you, we sell all these different kinds of great shroom products at Purecybin, so you can just head over to our site and buy shrooms online.

Best To Keep It Simple With Shrooms

Psilocybin mushrooms have been consumed for centuries for different reasons including for spiritual and medicinal purposes, and even for fun! With all the different questions and theories people continue to concoct about shrooms, taking them in just one way now seems to be boring. But before you try any new method, your first thought should be ‘why should I?’. Does it provide a better psychedelic experience? Is it safer than other methods? With smoking shrooms, both of these questions produce negative answers so it’s best you just don’t. 

You can enjoy your shrooms in several other better ways like shroom teas, gummy bears, chocolates, and others. Just head over to the Purecybin website to buy shrooms Canada. The products that we offer at Purecybin are formulated by a team of mushroom experts to ensure that the overall quality of what we sell is satisfying and worth the money paid. Speaking of money, you can get a 22% discount on your order from Purecybin when you buy mushroom products for more than $150 combined, using the discount code WELCOME22. No time waste! Go shopping right now!

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