Coming Down From A High: Navigating Through The End Of A Psychedelic Trip

Coming Down From A High

When you think of a magic mushroom trip, the first thing that comes to your mind usually relates to the peak of the trip. This includes thinking about the various effects like visual hallucinations, euphoric feelings, or a strong sense of connection with the universe. A psychedelic trip is very similar to a huge rollercoaster. Anyone who’s been on a rollercoaster will tell you that coming down is much more scary and intense than going up the rollercoaster. So, it’s very important that you think about how you come down from your high to prevent any negative experiences and boost the enjoyment you experience. 

The Psychedelic Afterglow

This afterglow was initially dismissed as rubbish concocted by hippies, up until it was confirmed by science. Studies have shown that a lot of people find great meaning in their psychedelic experiences, with some experiences even causing significant changes to their lives. Some of these mushrooms we take today for recreational purposes have been used for hundreds of years as part of rituals and religious ceremonies. When these ancient people consumed the shrooms, they did so intentionally which leads us to believe that they prepared for every part of their experience and tracked it accordingly from the moment of consumption to the end. 

Of course, a lot of people take a carefree approach to psychedelics, and this is not a completely bad thing. It’s okay for you to just chase adventure full-on and try to experiment with the effects and feelings that psychedelics bring. However, when you are just into something so complex without prior preparations, you could get lost. Even though not every psychedelic trip is a search for wisdom or deep meaning, you do not have to be a psychonaut or shaman before you prepare adequately for your trip. Preparing well can make you feel much calmer and remove any possible anxieties before the trip, and the first step is to buy shrooms online from Purecybin.

Tips To Help Create a Smooth Comedown

It’s not possible to ascertain completely that a trip will be pleasant, and the same is true for the comedown experience. Most psychedelics strain the mind and body, causing changes in mood, fatigue, as well as headache. There are some tips that you can use to recover quickly, although these also depend on your physical make-up as well as the substance you consume. If you are concerned in any way about your health after taking any of these substances, then you should speak to a medical professional. After you buy shrooms online and consume them, these are the quick tricks that could help you during your comedown:

1. Be comfortable: You will likely lose your sense of consciousness, space, and time so it’s best that you trip out in a place where you are very comfortable. You can go for a short walk around some familiar areas, sit on a soft-cushioned couch, or anywhere else that puts your body and mind at rest. 

2. Drink lots of water: Water is such a pure remedy, and it plays a big part in helping shroom consumers through the comedown experience. Dehydration often happens to people that take shrooms, and it can cause dizziness, headaches, and even fatigue. So, you should drink several glasses of water to help your comedown experience be smooth.

3. Eat well: One of the biggest rules in the psychedelic experience is to not force anything. You should try to get something in your stomach before you start tripping as well as during the trip, but if it does not go down well, just stop eating and give it a rest. Listen to your body and react according to what it needs. You can try some fruit because it’s a great choice for grounding. 

4. Sleep: Sleep is such an important part of the comedown experience. You should try to have a good night’s sleep after a full day of tripping out. If you faced a few obstacles during your trip, then you should analyze them before resting because it will be much more beneficial to think about them before you sleep and recharge. 

5. ‘Integrate’: Integration can be a couple of different ways. You could write down your thoughts during your trip, just sit and think about them, or even talk to a friend or therapist about the trip. It is a very important part of every psychedelic experience and it could seriously edify you and your trip. However, if you do have a trip that you just can’t fit into words, it’s okay for you told just stay tuned in to that consciousness and observe how you feel, enjoying the effects. 

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How To Come Down From a High

The tips listed above are the general actions that you can take to navigate through the comedown from your trip, but different substances come with different comedown experiences. And although different people tend to experience psychedelics differently, there are some common ideas on how to have a smooth comedown from specific kinds of psychedelic substances. 

Coming Down From a Magic Mushroom Trip

Coming down from a trip on psilocybin can be quite pleasant, but it can also bring some anxiety and fear with it during the comedown. There are several practical ways for you to try to work with a rough comedown. One way is to release any judgment around your trip and have a non-judgemental mindset from when you’re sober. You should also continually check your body vitals to ensure you’re not reacting in any way too extraordinary. Check if your pulse is racing, if you’re shivering, or if you’re facing any other physical needs. It’s always good to breathe deeply because it helps you to stay grounded. You can also set up a lifeline before you start tripping so you can quickly and easily contact someone if you need some support during the trip. You can also consider getting a trip sitter if you just started taking psilocybin. 

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Coming Down From an Acid Trip

Some people that take acid have reported that the comedown is the most enjoyable part of the whole trip. However, some others face paranoia, negative thoughts, and dread. If you or someone is having a difficult comedown, then you should ensure that all the tips we already listed above are in place. This includes a comfortable environment, food, water, as well as deep breathing. You should keep in your mind that the trip is only for a short while, and you will return to normal in just a little bit of time. 

Stay away from places or things that could prompt negative thoughts, and it’s never a bad idea to have a trip sitter with you. All you need might be some water, a cool space to yourself, and someone to talk to while you comedown from your acid trip. 

Coming Down From a Cannabis Trip

A positive cannabis experience usually results in a pretty gentle comedown experience. However, cannabis does have the effect to create a frightening trip that could leave the consumer highly disturbed. If you find that you are way higher than you usually are, then you should try to control your breathing and use it to ground you. Always remember that the experience is only temporary and you just need to ride those feelings out. 

There are other ways you can regulate your level of highness. You can use some quality CBD to ease your anxiety and also lower your heart rate. You can buy shrooms online from Purecybin and even get a big discount when you use the promo code WELCOME22 on any order that is above $150. 

Coming Down From an MDMA Trip

Although MDMA is not exactly a psychedelic substance, it is a compound that has a pretty intense comedown because of how it affects the serotonin and dopamine levels in the body. The way you start your experience will significantly affect how it goes. You should have some good sleep, give yourself a lot of space, and also be cautious especially if you have any pre-existing mental conditions like PTSD or anxiety. The comedown from MDMA is quite sharp so you should be very cautious as you consume it. You might even need a whole day of just re-balancing to get yourself back in the right frame of mind after consuming MDMA. 

If you follow the simple tips in this article, then you should face very little to no problems at all during your comedown from a psychedelic trip. Remember you can buy shrooms Canada from Purecybin, and you can get 22% off your order once it is at least $150 by using the promo code WELCOME22. Our shrooms and other products have been concocted by the best professionals to ensure you only get the highest quality products. 

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