How to have an Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip in 9 Easy Steps

Amazing Magic Mushrooms Trip

For hundreds of years, people have been taking magic mushrooms as part of divination, rituals, or prayers. There are even ancient rock and cave paintings illustrating how much magic mushrooms were used by people back then. It was really during the 1960s that magic mushrooms grew in popularity. This was after the visit of R. Gordon Wasson to Mexico in 1955 to see Maria Sabina, a medicine woman. Wasson and his photographer are regarded as the first white men to ever eat those “divine mushrooms”. 

One of the more complex parts of magic mushrooms is that the trip you experience could be good or bad. The up and down nature of magic mushroom trips is considered as part of the experience when used in spiritual or religious ceremonies. But when it is used for purely recreational purposes, the expectation is that the trip should be smooth. But there is some good news, and that is there are certain steps you can take to ensure that your magic mushroom trip is pleasant. And although there is no guarantee that you will not have a bad trip, following the precautions and steps we provide will reduce the possibility of that to almost nothing. 

1. Treat magic mushrooms like medicineTreat magic mushrooms like medicine

Before you start planning your trip with the magic mushrooms, you must ensure that you have the right idea and understanding of the substance. If you want to enjoy it completely, then you need to treat magic mushrooms as a serious drug that needs to be handled with extreme caution. This is how those indigenous cultures acted for thousands of years, and it will help you get the most pleasure out of your trip. This opposes the idea that you can treat magic mushrooms however you want, or like you’d treat other drugs like cannabis. Using it for recreational purposes does not make the shroom lose its sacredness. And if you are having trouble treating the magic mushrooms like medicine, then you can look into its traditional uses as a sacred medicine or even read more recent studies. Researchers have started finding evidence that magic mushrooms could help with mental disorders like anxiety, PTSD, headaches, and depression. 

2. Environment is important
Choosing the right environment is something that a lot of shroom users tend to overlook, and it is something that can multiply the pleasure gotten from the trip by itself. It is quite common to feel disoriented during a magic mushroom trip, and you can minimize this feeling by choosing the right place to try those mushrooms out. In an ideal situation, this place should be somewhere familiar that you feel safe in. Don’t forget that you will probably experience hallucinations during the trip, so you may find yourself seeing and hearing things unusual. You will most likely feel very overwhelmed if you are in a place that you’re not familiar with. This is why you need to counter this overwhelming feeling by choosing a safe and familiar place that has limited external stimuli. Your environment is one of the most important factors determining the quality of your trip and you do not want the trip to be marred by concerns about the place you are in. You also do not want to disturb people or things around you during the trip, especially with how magic mushrooms are viewed generally in the world. While you plan this safe space for your trip, remember that you will be there for 6-8 hours, and you will need to be ensured of your physical safety because your thoughts and coordination will be impaired during the trip. Stay in the right space to prevent any possible injuries or other such issues. 

3. Be surrounded by the right people
Apart from making your environment a safe place, you must also make sure that it is made up of people that you trust to protect you and support you through your trip. The buddy system is essential especially for beginners, and it is a rule of thumb to always have an experienced guide with you when you just starting using magic mushrooms. There should be someone in the group who stays sober and cares for the others on the trip, and they should preferably be experienced in the consumption and effects of magic mushrooms. Having the right set of people surrounding you during your trip could stop you from feeling overwhelmed or panicking when the effects of the shrooms begin to hit. 

4. Be as comfortable as possible
During your shroom trip, you might not find it easy to change clothes or adjust to feel more comfortable. This is why you should have a plan created already to ensure that what you wear is comfortable and appropriate for the conditions you’ll be putting yourself in. If you will be somewhere warm, you should know what to wear, and the same applies to cold places. Apart from choosing clothing according to temperature, you should also choose something easy to remove in case you need to visit the bathroom. Your coordination and reasoning will be impaired during this trip so you want to prevent any possible accidents. 

5. Be prepared Communicate with your mushrooms
When you’re thinking about your future trip, you want to ensure that your mind is in the right state. During the trip as well, you want to be open to receive insights or feelings of unbridled joy. You must also be prepared to experience some negative feelings like confusion or discomfort. You can only be open to all these reactions by properly preparing for them. Everyone reacts differently, so it may seem difficult for you to plan for certain reactions. Just keep it in your mind that any challenges you face during the trip are temporary so you need to let it run its course and pass on. 

6. Choose the right dosage
Another important thing for you to plan is the dosage you want to take. You will probably have a bad trip if you overdose. One great thing about magic mushrooms is that dying from an overdose is extremely rare, unlike most other drugs which can be very fatal. Once you have consumed your magic mushrooms, there is not much you can do to dampen the effects, so you just have to endure it. This is why you need to choose your dosage very carefully. And if you don’t know what dosage would work best for you, know that it depends on your body weight, previous experiences, the type of mushroom, and your sensitivities. You should start by taking a lower dose at the beginning of your trip, and then you can increase it a little after a few hours if you feel very comfortable doing that. On average one gram of psilocybin cybensis is good enough for an adult, although five grams is too much for most. 

7. Prepare enough food and water
It is not uncommon for you to feel a little nauseous when you eat magic mushrooms, so we advise that you take them when you have something in your stomach. It does not need to be full but it should not be empty. The best plan is to eat after the trip when hunger pangs hit. Doing simple things can become extremely difficult during a magic mushroom trip, and getting some snacks or a cup of water fall right under this list. You should always have a few things to eat as well as some water very close to you during your magic mushroom trip. It is also advised that the food you eat is healthy and do not constantly eat throughout the trip because that could lead to nausea by itself. 

8. Have a clear purpose but remain open-minded
Before you take magic mushrooms, you should have thoughts about what you want to get out of the trip. Having a goal that you’re aiming at will help you guide all the information and wisdom that you receive. It is a very good way for you to keep your trip on the right track instead of it being chaotic and overwhelming. You could choose anything you want, although most people keep it quite simple like wanting to receive a clear understanding of a particular situation. Think thoroughly about it but remember that your intention is not permanent and you should stay open to any unexpected happenings during the trip, even if it takes you away from your original plan. An important part of having a great shroom trip is being open and reacting to unexpected situations. If you aim to have a deep evaluation of yourself and you stay in control of this purpose throughout your trip, then you should continue to follow the clear intention you had before the trip started. And if you find that you are no longer in control, then you should just go on as the psilocybin leads you. You will still get a lot out of the experience even if it is not exactly what you expected.

9. Communicate with your mushrooms
During the trip, you should take time out to talk and listen to your magic mushrooms. If you want to get the best out of your magic mushrooms, then you should treat them as a conscious entity instead of as a drug. The Mazatec people of Mexico considered the shrooms as wise teachers and holy medicine. It is very common among the shamanic traditions that when you consume a sacred plant like magic mushrooms, then you create a strong and long-lasting bond with the plant as your teacher, although you remain in control of your engagement with this “teacher”. If you consciously take time out to talk to your magic mushrooms while on your trips, then you will form a strong relationship with them and have a spirit guide with you through all your journeys. Also, talking to these mushrooms can help you deal with a bad trip and even help you avoid having a bad trip. 

More Important Tips and Information
Just to serve as an addition to the previously listed steps and to ensure that you have an amazing trip, we have compiled a few more tips for you.

Your Expectation
If you have never tried magic mushrooms before, it is normal for you to imagine and be curious about what will happen during the trip and how you will feel. Keep in mind that everyone reacts differently to magic mushrooms, but one certain thing is that you will experience some serious changes to your perception of reality. Some other common effects are euphoria and an elevated mood, enhanced sensitivity and creativity, a boost in spiritual experiences, ego dissolving, and apparent changes in your environment, self, or time. Some other potential negative reactions that can be experienced include nausea, fear, physical discomfort, paranoia, and disorientation. 

Your Trip Duration
In most situations, the psilocybin in magic mushrooms will continue to work for between four and seven hours. The amount you consume could also lead to you feeling some after-effects after the main trip ends. 

Your Mental Health is Vital
The most recent studies show that magic mushrooms could potentially be used to treat people with mental health issues when it is used in a controlled environment. However, for this to happen there is a need for proper planning and guidance, to ensure that the psilocybin works to improve the mental state and not worsen it. You should be very cautious taking magic mushrooms if your family or you have a history of mental health conditions

For you to have a pleasant magic mushroom trip, you should start with a low dose, and take it in a safe and familiar environment. Having good food and water on hand, with a clear intention in mind is also very important. But above all, you need to get good quality magic mushrooms. Regardless of all the preparations you put in place, if your shrooms are substandard, your trip will be unpleasant. So, we advise you to buy magic mushrooms Canada from Purecybin because they offer premium quality bulk magic mushrooms at low prices. Don’t put your health at risk by buying low-quality shrooms, but get the best out of your experience by ordering from As a first-time customer, you will have 25% off when you buy using the promo code CYBIN25.

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