How to intensify your mushroom trip

How to intensify your mushroom trip

Magic mushrooms, also called shrooms or mushies have been around for a long time. They are known to have been used for centuries by people of different cultures for religious purposes such as divination, prayer, and healing. Various artworks found in different countries of the world including Algeria, Spain, and Central America confirmed the practice of using shrooms.  Shrooms became more popular for use in recreation in 1960 when some Americans went on an expedition to Mexico and found shrooms there.

Shrooms are a great plant to have for a trip as it is unlikely that you will have a bad trip. There are however ways you can make your trip better with the plant such as it results in emotional release and revelation. If done properly, you will gain several benefits such as emotional healing, unprecedented revelation, and wisdom.

Using Shrooms
Difficult experiences can emanate from the use of magic mushrooms for recreational purposes. These experiences are considered as bad by many. The experiences, if they happen publicly, can have dire consequences. The fact that the experience seems undesirable doesn’t mean it is not worth practicing. The experience can feel refreshing after returning from the trip. Furthermore, it is possible to intensify the experience in such a way that it feels great, and any undesirable part kept at bay.

Stay in a Safe, Calm Environment
The experience of using a magic mushroom can be overwhelming. If for example, you are in unfamiliar terrain, you may feel disorientated. You may feel lost; unconscious of your environment or find it hard to understand what is going on around you.
When you are on a magic mushroom trip, you might feel hysteric, and falling down might seem normal to you at that moment. You may draw the attention of people if you are in an open place. This is one vital reason why you should ensure you are in a safe place for the 6 hours you will be on the trip.

Experiment with the DosageExperiment with the Dosage

You may be tempted to have a large dose magic mushroom so that you can have a higher degree of experience. Overdosing is however highly discouraged because of the negative effect inherent in such practice. If you have an overdose of shrooms, you are more likely to throw up than die. Accidents rarely result from overdosing on shrooms. Fatalities are more commonly caused by accidents during a trip. This is another very good reason why you and your friend should choose a safe location. 
You may experience hallucinations for several hours if you take an excessive dose of magic mushroom. You will feel as if the clock has stopped ticking, and feel as if the world is going to end.

It is important to choose the right dose of shrooms as this will help you have the most intense experience possible with losing guard. You should consider some factors such as the kind of shrooms, your body weight, and the sensitivity level. 1 gram or thereabout of psilocybin is ideal for an adult. If you are experienced with using shrooms, then 5 grams might just be okay for you. It is however advisable to start out on a lighter dose, then observe how it goes for a few hours, after which you can increase the dosage in bits until you can find the perfect dose that goes well with you.

Be Dressed for Comfort
Be as comfortable as possible when you are preparing for the experience. This is important if you want to have a more intense experience. Consider your surroundings and the weather of the day first. Know if you will be using the shroom at a party or concert. Be cognizant of the fact that if it’s warm now, it may become cooler in the next couple of hours. Since you don’t know beforehand what the experience will feel like on the trip, it is advisable you bring much older cloth.

Plan out Your Trip
Ensure you have an intention for the trip as this will help marshal the revelation, wisdom, and information you will gain. This is efficacious in making your trip a more accomplished one different from a mere recreational expedition.

Using Them with Something AcidicUsing shroom with Something Acidic Fruits
Citrus fruits such as lemons or limes can help intensify your experience. They can accelerate the psychoactive effects. They can however shorten your trip.
Try out eating magic mushrooms with chocolates. They might help you digest the shrooms faster, unlike if you had taken only the shrooms.

Get Water and Food Ready for Later
A task as simple as opening a can of food becomes difficult when you are on a shroom trip. So you need to have got your food and water ready. If you are outdoors, such as at a concert, you can have a liter of water and snacks such as apples or celery stick with you. Magic mushrooms have the effect of suppressing your appetite and making you feel squeamish, so you may only be able to eat hours after the trip.

Shamanic belief has it that shrooms have the power to make you purge, known also as getting better. It is advisable to take lighter or heavier foods, as they digest easily unlike heavier, unhealthy food that might make you feel nauseous.

Consider Mushroom Consciousness
The Mazatec people of Mexico call magic mushrooms “holy children”. They believe mushroom apart from having a therapeutic effect is also a wise teacher. Consider magic mushroom, not just a stimulant or a drug substance but also as a wise teacher can teach you some wisdom. When you go on a trip, have a solemn conversation with the “holy children” and listen to their wise words.
Doing this regularly will help you have more intense and meaningful experiences. It is believed in many traditions that when you ingest a plant considered sacred, there is a lifelong relationship between you and the plant and you have a lot to learn from it. A lot of people choose the magic mushroom when they need some wisdom.

You can gain intense experience from shrooms trips in many ways. Don’t forget to take it slow. You can always have more dose as you get accustomed to using the shrooms. Meanwhile, any dose of the shrooms you take is irreversible. With proper dosage, you can gain both intense and positive experiences.
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