Just How Long Does a Trip on Magic Mushroom Last?

Just How Long Does a Trip on Magic Mushroom Last

Before deciding to use magic mushrooms, you might be interested in knowing how long the experience is expected to last. Magic mushrooms contain psilocybin, which can affect your perception of time. Shrooms can disrupt your time processing ability, making you perceiving time as slow, while you are experiencing psychedelic experience. You may not be able to say with certainty how long exactly the trip last and how soon it will end. The same applies to determining the duration of the shrooms in your body.

The Importance of Understanding Shrooms

If you are unable to keep track of time, you need to still understand the ideal duration of psilocybin in your body. Several factors to consider are the species of the magic mushrooms, the dose taken, the way you take it, and its freshness. These factors are critical to determining how long you will remain high.

On many occasions, however, the potency of the dose help in determining the duration of the trip. The high will last for about three to eight hours in the most intense situation. The effect however can still linger 10 to 12 hours after the first dose. You can best have a safe trip when you stay informed. Make sure you are equipped with all the necessary information that can help you get the maximum positive experience from the magic mushroom.

The Type of Magic Mushroom

The genus Psilocybin has many types of magic mushrooms, with the different types of shrooms outside the species numbering over 100. Getting the right type of shrooms is essential for staying safe. So, it is better to buy from someone who deals in it rather than trying to figure out one yourself. A supplier of shrooms is more likely to have more information about the right type and proper dosage of magic mushrooms than you do.

The golden cap or psilocybe cubensis is a popular species of shrooms. This species is the largest among shrooms. It possesses a yellow stem and a red-brown cap. It has a coloring that may vary based on its present condition. When harmed, it can display an entirely different color. It is found mostly in a place with more humid weather.

The liberty cap also known as psilocybe semilanceata is a widely available species of magic mushroom. Its characteristics include brown and yellow coloring and a pointed cap. This species is commonly found in a damp area.

Another popular species of shrooms is the bottle cap or the bluebell. They have dark-brown caps and grow on mulch and in rotten logs.

What to Expect when Using Magic Mushrooms
There are many factors that determine how long a person will remain high from shrooms use. Some relevant determining factors include the freshness, the dosage, and the manner in which a user consumes them.

Dry vs. Fresh Shrooms
The amount of psilocybin obtainable from a shroom dose can increase if dried. A fresh dried shroom is more likely to give you a more subtle experience than a dried one. The effect they will have is also determined by the method used to cure the shrooms. If dried by a good dehydrator, they tend to have more psilocybin than if dried normally at home.

Considering the Dosage
If it is your first of using a certain species, then you should start with a small dosage as possible. If for instance you use an eight of a species of a shroom and you like the effects it gives, then you should consider a lesser dose of another species of the shroom. Estimating the number of shrooms used accurately can be difficult largely because they are available in different sizes. Consider measuring the dosage in grams to get a more accurate result.

Wait Time and Consumption
There are a lot of ways to use magic mushrooms. You can eat the whole stems and caps whether fresh or dried. You can also make them into a capsule by grinding them into a powder and then swallowing them. Some users of shrooms prefer the latter because they won’t taste their best. The powder can sometimes be added to different recipes. This latter option makes it easier also to consume the shrooms since you are taking it with other food items.

There are more possibilities, like brewing them into a tea. It is not uncommon to see users get creative and experimenting with adding the shrooms to their favorite recipes. It is however important to remember your liver will process psilocybin to psilocin only after your digestive system has processed the shrooms.

Psilocin which is an active form of the psilocybin gives you a more hallucinogenic trip.

Psilocin may not begin to affect you until after 20 minutes to 2 hours after you used it. You need to be patient and not rush the usage of the shrooms. This can help you avoid overdose which may give you a negative experience from your shrooms trip.

How long magic mushrooms will last in your system depends ultimately on how long it takes for the half-life to get eliminated from your blood. The elimination rate for psilocybin is about 2 hours 20 minutes while that of the psilocin is just about 50 minutes. You can excrete both psilocin and psilocybin from your system quickly through urine. More than 95% of the psilocybin can be eliminated from your body in about 13 hours. Meanwhile, it takes just about 5 hours to eliminate 95% of psilocin from your body.

The trip may be long, but the components of the magic mushroom does not remain in your body forever. A trip may be as long as 8 hours, but the shrooms should leave your body in about 24 hours.

Anytime you plan to take the magic mushrooms, make sure you put the necessary precaution that let you stay safe in place. Get your shrooms from a trusted supplier such as Purecybin. This will make you have a great trip and also have the best experience possible.  You can get order your shrooms from  https://purecybin.com. As a first-time customer, you will have 25% off when you buy using the promo code CYBIN25.

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