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Magic mushrooms or shrooms as it is famously called, are a member of the fungi family having psilocybin inside them. Psilocybin is a naturally occurring compound that posses hallucinogenic attributes. History has recorded human use of shrooms for many centuries back. The usage is broad as some cultures use them for religious purposes while some use them for medical treatment among others.
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In recent times, psychedelic mushrooms continue to rise in fame as the most used psychedelic drug across the world. Scientists continue to make strides in this area as they are discovering many therapeutic potentials of these fungi. Usually, when you consume magic mushrooms, you take the right dose that is enough to generate the hallucinating and psychoactive effect you desire.

Shroom capsules are magic mushrooms that have been processed and made in form of capsules. There are other edible forms of shrooms also like tea and chocolate. There are many online stores in Canada where you can buy psilocybin online.

How psilocybin works?
Shrooms have been available for ages, but it was in mid 20th century that scientists uncovered them as a source of Psilocybin, a core hallucinogenic compound. The moment this compound is ingested into the human body it is converted to new substance psilocin. Psilocybin and psilocin work in tandem to create the hallucinating effect of shrooms. They relate well with the brain section responsible for abstract thinking. 

Psilocybin also has control over the section of the brain that regulates thought, mood, and perception. It also affects serotonin a well-known chemical in the brain. This serotonin can be seen in the brain mainly in sections that govern imagination, creativity, and introspection. For these reasons, shrooms tend to enhance ones thinking ability. Psilocybin also aids the harmony of different sections of the brain. It is a legal commodity in Canada so you can buy psilocybin in Canada without fear of legal complications. 

It helps you connect better with your environment and your emotions. It may interest you to know that ingesting low doses of psilocybin makes you feel the effect less. It is not a bad thing actually, it’s the bomb. It comes with loads of benefits an with little to no extra side effects. That’s why it is nothing of a surprise to see microdosing as the go-to dosage when it comes to shrooms.
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How do You Microdose? 
When you ingest shrooms with a low concentration of psilocybin, then it is called microdosing. When the concentration is low, you won’t get to experience intense hallucinogenic effects. Regardless though when you microdose you stand the chance to enjoy some certain therapeutic benefit. Those who desire to explore themselves and those who want to enjoy their rec reaction activities go for full/large doses. For those who are after their well-being and enhancing their state of mind opt for microdoses. Those who have experience with microdosing record a feeling different from regular psychedelic ingesting. From the inception of microdosing it came with lots of promises and further research on the benefits of microdosing has led to a global acceptance of shrooms in many countries. Canada is one of the few countries where you can easily buy psilocybin microdoses. Microdosing has a good success rating and it has proven to be a non-risk easy path to gaining experience with psychedelics. 

Reasons for you to microdose
The list of benefits associated with microdosing shrooms keeps growing longer and is not showing signs of slowing down anytime soon. For the shrooms community in Canada, this is great news, considering that research is still in the infant stages. With the recent acceptance of psilocybin, there are more researchers carrying out studies in this area. Updated research has proven that microdosing has a positive effect on energy levels and moods as well among others. Based on this success, more work is being done on other psychedelic compounds with similar attributes compounds like DMT and LSD. Some of the usual effects credited with microdosing shrooms include:

  •  Increased Focus
  •  Enhanced Senses
  •  Mood Enhancement 
  •  Muscle Relaxation
  •  Improved Neural Connections
  •  Enhanced Creativity
  •  Increased Energy 

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Medical Benefits of microdosing shroom
One of the major reasons people microdose shrooms is to help with treating depression and anxiety. Although a full dose can alleviate anxiety that is why microdosing is better. Canada has a high number of certified dispensaries where you can buy psilocybin microdoses online.  When microdosing, you get to enjoy the benefits throughout the day, but when you take full/overdose you may not enjoy the desired benefits. In most cases, overdosing on shrooms is inappropriate. Some of these medical conditions can be relieved by microdosing shrooms:

  •  Stress
  •  Anxiety
  •  Depression
  •  Cluster Headaches
  • Addiction Cessation
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Cancer-Related Psychological Conditions

What is the right dose of shroom?
There is no universal accuracy when it comes to shroom dosage. The right dose depends largely on the physiological well-being of the user. The effect psilocybin has differs depending on the user, but it is advised that when you want to ingest your shroom you should ensure you add a grain of salt. The metabolic rate and bodyweight of the user play a major role in the way the user feels the effects. It is important to understand the workings of your body system as a user to enjoy your shroom trip. When you buy online psilocybin microdoses, the website provides you with instructions to how to microdose. It is recommended that when you microdose, you should do it at intervals of 4 days. You give your body time to adjust. 

Shroom microdosing chart

Microdose Level Dose (in gram) User
Level one 0.1 to 0.25 Newbies/ experimental
Level two 0.25 to 0.5 Seasoned Microdosers

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