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Introduction to Penis Envy Hallucinogenic Mushrooms

The Penis Envy Magic Mushroom has a distinct penis-like shape. This unique phallic shape is the reason they are called “Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms.”

Tripping on Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms is a very positive and mind-altering experience. You will experience intense visuals, feelings of euphoria, and an expanded consciousness.

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms have a very tumultuous and complex history.

But, at the same time they are also one of the most potent forms of psilocybin mushrooms known to man.

Sometimes dealing with the hurdles of life can leave you feeling like you need a little reset.

A mental reset is exactly what you will get after consuming Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms.

Effects Indicator          10 = max
Funny | Laughing           ********** 10
Body High | Energy        ********** 10
Hallucinations | Visuals  ********** 10
Auditive Hallucinations   ********** 10



Buy Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Canada

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms have a very tumultuous and complex history. But, at the same time they are also some of the most potent form of psilocybin mushrooms known to man.

Tripping on Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms is a very positive and mind-altering experience. You will experience intense visuals, feelings of euphoria, and feelings of an expanded consciousness.

Sometimes dealing with the hurdles of life can leave you feeling like you need a little reset. And a mental reset is exactly what you will get from consuming Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms.

A Short History on Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms

The tumultuous tale of the discovery of Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms is a key part of hallucinogen history.

It was the early 1970s and the 1971 UN Psychotropic Act has been passed. This meant that magic mushrooms were now illegal hallucinogenic drugs in major parts of the world.

But this did not stop famed ethnobotanist Terence McKenna from figuring out a way around this act.

Terence McKenna Shroom EnthusiastPicture Source:

Legend has it that McKenna went deep into the Amazon rainforest by way of indigenous guides. Upon his trek of the treacherous Amazon, McKenna came upon a lot of wild psilocybin mushrooms.

Knowing magic mushrooms were highly illegal and that he would have a lot of trouble taking them back home, McKenna decided to take numerous spore prints. The significant of taking spore prints was that they were not specifically restricted. This is because spores do not contain psilocybin or psilocin, unlike magic mushrooms which do.

McKenna’s hallucinogenic spore import operation went off without a hitch.

Distribution of the Penis Envy Magic Mushroom

Once back in the United States, Terence McKenna began cultivating Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms from the spores he had obtained from the Amazon.

He also sent the famous Amazon spore prints to his colleagues. By doing this McKenna was ensuring that the Penis Envy Magic Mushroom strain would be known and available almost worldwide.

In fact, you can purchase Penis Envy and many other strains of Magic Mushrooms online in Canada from Purecybin!

One of the colleagues that McKenna sent the spore prints to was a medical doctor by the name of Steven Pollock. Pollock had a tremendous interest in psychedelic shrooms.

Murder Mystery

Stephen Pollock’s fascination with psychedelic mushrooms was closely related to his belief that they possessed medicinal properties. Almost 40 years later many studied have emerged, confirming Pollock’s theory.

Psychedelics like psilocybin shrooms are beneficial for people who suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety. A study done by Johns Hopkins University concluded that terminally ill cancer patients that suffered from Cancer related stress and depression had positive reactions to psilocybin treatment.

Stephen Pollock was a complicated man. There are many theories on how he dies. Some say it was because he was prescribing narcotics in exchange for money, and it was a drug deal gone bad. Others say it was related to a large cannabis operation Pollock was working on.

It was also widely known that Pollock owned a company called Hidden Creek and that it was a legal retailer of Magic Mushroom Truffles and Magic Mushroom Grow kits. Pollock advertised his company through various magazines like High Times and soon demand for his products grew.

On January 31, 1981, Pollock was found dead by his girlfriend Mitzi Moore. It was apparent that he had died from a point-blank gunshot wound to the head.

The details of Stephen Pollock’s death still remain unknown.

The Status of Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms Today

In 2019 the cities of Denver, Colorado and Oakland, California decriminalized Psilocybe cubensis for those 21 and older.

The following year the state of Oregon and the city of Santa Cruz, California also decriminalized Psilocybe cubensis.

All this progress that is being made in the legalization and medicinal use of psychedelics has been because of the numerous studies that been done in the past decade.

These studies include:

Effects of Psilocybin in Major Depressive Disorder

Johns Hopkins University: Psilocybin produces substantial and sustained decreases in depression and anxiety in patients with life-threatening cancer: A randomized double-blind trial

Using BOLD fMRI to measure the effects of psilocin on brain activity and connectivity

As of 2021, you are able to discretely purchase psilocybin shrooms online in Canada.

What are Magic Mushrooms?

Penis Envy Shrooms

Magic Mushrooms are basically hallucinogenic drugs that cause hallucinogenic effects when consumed. These effects can include hallucinations, feelings of euphoria, and general wellbeing.

The hallucinogenic effects of magic mushrooms occur due to the prevalence the psychoactive compounds of Psilocin and Psilocybin.

Many studies done in recent years indicate that the use of magic mushrooms is beneficial for those of you that suffer from depression, stress, and anxiety.

Even though they are now grown all over the world, Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms originally come from deep within the Amazon rainforest. The reason for this is that psilocybin mushrooms are a tropical species. This is why Penis Envy magic mushrooms thrive in areas like the Gulf Coast states, Central America, and South America.

Why Penis Envy Hallucinogenic Mushrooms are so Popular

Penis Envy Shrooms Are Extremely Potent

Penis Envy Magic Mushrooms are one of the most potent strains of cubensis in the world. The Penis Envy shroom is said to have approximately 2 times more psilocybin than any other strain.

This means that you only need to take about half the amount you would usually take of another strain of shrooms.

If you are a beginner to magic mushrooms then a much more subtle strain, like Golden Teachers, would be more appropriate.

But if you are planning to blast off and want to have a really nice trip, then the Penis Envy Magic Mushroom is for you.

Magic Mushroom Micro Dosing Calculator

Trip Level 1: Micro dose (0.2-0.5g)

A micro dose is optimally taken every 2-3 days to boost your creativity or reduce anxiousness or anxiety. Micro dosing enhances your day to day routine. Effects include: mood enhancement, emotional stability, clearer headspace, improved memory, increased creativity, and increased energy without anxiety.

Trip Level 2: Mild dose (0.5-1g)

A mild dose experience includes enhanced mood and greater mental focus without hallucinations and without losing touch with your surrounding. Effects include: excitement, mild euphoria, alleviation of persistent conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHA, and PTSD, enhanced senses, mild visuals, and increase in sociability.

Trip Level 3: Moderate dose (1-2g)

A moderate dose is great for beginners, but it does not give the full psychedelic experience. This dose is manageable and you will experience mild hallucinations and strong psychedelic effects. Effects include: enhanced senses, conversational fluidity, mood enhancement, increased creativity, altered perception of sound and time dilation)

Trip Level 4: Psychedelic dose (2-3.5.g)

Psychedelic experience is the ideal dose for users who want a strong magic mushroom trip. You will experience intense hallucinations and an amazing colorful sense of reality. Effects include life changing introspective, enhanced appreciation for music and art, intense visuals when eyes are open and closed, sensitivity to light, perhaps even dizziness and nausea.

Trip Level 5: Strong dose (3.5-5g)

A strong dose is for experienced psychedelic users only and you will experience powerful hallucinations and may lose touch with reality and may have a bad trip. Effects include mystical experience, ego death, time becomes meaningless, strong fear and anxiety, dizziness and nausea.

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  1. S Holt

    First and foremost, this is an excellent strain for daytime activities outdoors

  2. Natale

    I would describe it as both earthy and minty. All in all, this has become my go-to for daytime outdoor activity.

  3. Rachel Laiya

    it’s an excellent high that feels like the middle of your frontal lobe is tied to a balloon that continues to ascend. I really enjoy it.

  4. Jack

    One of my favorite strains- creates a great head space and calming body high.

  5. Amy Johns

    This strain made me feel good. But not in that way. It made me feel good…about myself.

  6. Lauren Kimbrough

    I can imagine this to be great for outdoor activities, cooking, or simply just looking to get your mind off things.

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