Tri Coloured Ecuadorian Magic Mushrooms


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Effects Indicator          10 = max
Funny | Laughing           ********** 10
Body High | Energy        ********* 9
Hallucinations | Visuals  ******* 7
Auditive Hallucinations   ******* 7

Like many of the RARE and GENETICALLY SUPERIOR strains of magic mushrooms, the TRI-COLOUR ECUADORIAN magic mushroom comes from South America.



Buy Tri Coloured Ecuadorian Shrooms

Like many of the RARE and GENETICALLY SUPERIOR strains of magic mushrooms, the TRI-COLOUR ECUADORIAN magic mushroom comes from South America. This has likely made this magic mushroom an ideal candidate for the local cultures that perform shaman rituals. TRI-COLOUR ECUADORIAN magic mushrooms have a very distinct appearance. Tri-colour mushrooms have thick white stems and small hard brown caps. The TRI-COLOUR ECUADORIAN magic mushroom has almost no body high, with a very relaxing and introspective trip. If you are looking for a more spiritual and visual experience, then this magic mushroom is perfect for you! If you would like to take a MAGICAL, SPIRITUAL JOURNEY with the TRI-COLOUR ECUADORIAN MAGIC MUSHROOM, then BUY NOW, while we still have it in stock.

Mushroom Dosing

Trip Level 1: Microdose (0.2-0.5g)

A microdose is to be taken every 2-3days to boost creativity or feel less anxious. Microdosing enhancing your day to day routine. Effects include: mood enhancement, emotional stability, clearer headspace, improved memory, increased creativity, and increased energy without anxiety.

Trip Level 2: Mild dose (0.5-1g)

Mild dose experience includes enhanced mood and greater mental focus without hallucinations and without losing touch with your surrounding. Effects include: excitement, mild euphoria, alleviation of persistent conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHA, and PTSD, enhanced senses, mild visuals, and increase in sociability.

Trip Level 3: Moderate dose (1-2g)

Moderate dose is great for beginners, it does not give the full psychedelic experience. This dose is manageable and you will experience mild hallucinations and strong psychedelic effects. Effects include: enhanced senses, conversational fluidity, mood enhancement, increased creativity, altered perception of sound and time dilation)

Trip Level 4: Psychedelic dose (2-3.5.g)

Psychedelic experience is the ideal dose for users who want a strong magic mushroom trip. You will experience intense hallucinations and an amazing colorful sense of reality. Effects include life changing introspective, enhanced appreciation for music and art, intense visuals when eyes are open and closed, sensitivity to light, perhaps even dizziness and nausea.

Trip Level 5: Strong dose (3.5-5g)

A strong dose is for experienced psychedelic users only and you will experience powerful hallucinations and may lose touch with reality and may have a bad trip. Effects include mystical experience, ego death, time becomes meaningless, strong fear and anxiety, dizziness and nausea.


Try the Shroom Dosage Calculator below to best understand the best-recommended dosage for your shroom trip. SHROOM DOSE CALCULATOR

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