The Complete Guide To Lemon Tekking

How To Lemontek

Lemon tekking refers to the process of sitting your psilocybin mushrooms in some lime or lemon juice before you consume the shrooms. It is widely believed by psychonauts that this process causes the trip to be more intense, significantly more concentrated, and stronger than just chewing on the shrooms. So, it’s obviously not something that is recommended for first-time psychedelic users to try. But if you are experienced in taking psychedelics and you’re just looking for a way to spice it up, lemon tekking is a great way. It also reduces nausea and body load, and it shortens the trip length.

How to Lemon Tek?

Lemon Tekking is easily comparable to what the stomach does to the shrooms that we eat. It begins to break down the mushrooms just like the acids in the stomach do. The acidity of the lemon juice is usually about 2 to 2.5 pH while the stomach’s acidity is about 1.5 to 3.5 pH. 

However, there is some talk in the psychedelic space that lemon tekking does more than just break down mushrooms. It actually converts the psilocybin compound into the prodrug psilocin which brings some strong entheogenic effects. Although there is no scientific research yet that supports these claims, people who have tried lemon tekking have reported a significantly quicker onset of psychedelic effects. The theory is that there is increased psilocybin dephosphorylation in the presence of acid. This theory might not be correct though, but some studies have shown that lemon juice could produce a psilocybin extract. 

It is believed by many that lemon tekking causes the compounds within the magic mushrooms to become more bioavailable, so the psychedelic effects are felt much quicker when they hit your stomach. Lemon tekking chemically digests the compounds in the magic shrooms that are difficult for your body to break down. Because the shrooms are already acidic, your body does not need to start trying to digest them again. 

The psilocybin and psilocin compounds that cause psychedelic effects are found in the cell walls of the magic mushrooms, and these cell walls are made of chitin which is quite difficult for the body to digest. So, when you put the mushrooms in lemon juice, the acid begins to digest the chitin already before your shrooms even enter your digestive system. You can buy shrooms Canada for 22% off at Purecybin with the promo code WELCOME22.

What Citrus Fruits Can You Lemon Tek With?

Both limes and lemons are great for lemon tekking because they both have pH values of about 2 to 2.6. However, most other citrus fruits are not as acidic as those two so they won’t work well. For example, fruits like pineapples and oranges probably won’t work as well because their pH levels are around 4. However, some people have reported using balsamic vinegar, lemonade concentrate, and even pomegranate. It’s all about your preference though, and if the pH is 3.5 or less it should be okay. 

How Long Does Lemon Tek Last?

It is a consensus that lemon tekking makes the magic mushroom trip significantly more concentrated. Most people just experience a much shorter trip, so these shrooms usually take about 10 to 45 minutes to kick in whereas dry shrooms take about 30 to 90 minutes before you start feeling the effects. And, if the normal magic mushroom trip lasts about eight hours, you should expect your lemon tek mushrooms to only last about four to six hours. Eating the regular dried mushrooms is much longer because your stomach takes a significantly longer period to break down the shrooms, so the come-up, peak, and come-down will be much shorter when you lemon tek. 

A lot of people enjoy the lemon tek method of taking shrooms because it speeds up the experience and prevents you from having to spend 8 whole hours through a magic mushroom trip. Some don’t like it because they say it feels too rushed, and it’s over before you can feel the benefits. No matter which way you prefer to take your magic mushrooms, we still have the best collection for you to buy shrooms Canada at Purecybin

How Does Lemon Tekking Feel?

For a couple of years now, people have been debating whether or not lemon tekking makes your trip stronger or not. Some people say it’s twice as intense as eating dried mushrooms so you should only take about half of your normal dose. Some have even gone as far as to say that it made the visuals and peak much stronger. 

However, there are still many people that remain unconvinced by the theory that lemon tekking makes the experience more intense. But, the general view is that it still relives most of the body load because your digestive system has much less work to do in breaking the mushrooms. 

Does Lemon Tekking reduce Nausea?

A major reason why people feel such a significant difference when they lemon tek their mushrooms is because there is a decrease in GI upset and nausea. Lemon tekking makes the shrooms much easier on the stomach and creates a much smoother come-up. This is why many people do not eat their mushrooms any other way apart from lemon tekking. You can also try lemon tekking when you buy shrooms online Purecybin. Use the promo code WELCOME22 to get a nice discount on your order. 

Lemon tekking cooks the mushrooms in citrus juice and that breaks down the cell walls, extracting the main psychedelic compounds like psilocin and psilocybin. This leaves your stomach with much less work to do, so it’s much more difficult to upset it. 

You should however note that some people have reported experiencing acid reflux after lemon tekking, especially people with sensitive stomachs. One great way that you can reduce your GI upset is by not eating anything for about three to four hours before you lemon tek. Also, be careful of what you eat or drink (alcohol!) for the days before you lemon tek. But, you should also be aware that not eating for a couple of hours before a mushroom trip could make the experience much more intense, so you should start with a low dose. 

How to Lemon Tek?

Lemon tekking is a pretty simple process that just requires a grinder, one or two limes or lemons per dose, a cheesecloth, a shot glass, some thick coffee filters, and your magic mushrooms. Of course, there’s nowhere better for you to buy shrooms Canada than at Purecybin. You can even get 22% off any order above $150 by using the discount code WELCOME22.

Because of how much more intense, the experience is when you lemon tek, we advise that you start by using about half of the dose you would normally take of dried mushrooms. Also, lemon tekking strong outdoor species like P. azurescens and other such varieties is not recommended because your trip could get too strong. It’s best to lemon tek shroom species like psilocybe cubensis and psilocybin truffles. 

Lemon Tek Guide

Once you have all the ingredients and equipment listed above and buy shrooms online, then just follow these four simple steps to lemon tek and enjoy your magic mushrooms.

1. Grind the shrooms into powder using your grinder and place the powder into a shot glass.

2. Squeeze out the juice from your lemons or limes into the powder until it is completely covered by the juice.

3. Let it sit for about 15 to 20 minutes while you stir it occasionally. 

4. Now, you drink it like a shot.

If you feel you could still get nausea from the lemon tek shrooms, you can strain out the shroom bits from the citrus juice with your thick coffee filters or cheesecloth. Make sure you squeeze all the juice into the shot glass, get rid of the mushroom bits, and then drink only the juice. 

Lemon Tek Tea

Many people prefer to turn their lemon-shroom mix into tea to make it even more easily digestible and better tasting. To do this, simply follow the first three steps. However, instead of drinking the juice as a shot, strain all the mushrooms out of your juice and add the juice to some tea (you can choose whatever tea you want, although most people prefer to use ginger or green tea). The tea should be hot but not boiling. You can decide to add sweetener or water depending on your preference. 

Altogether, lemon tekking is a great way to make a homemade shroom extract that will reduce your nausea and also give you a significantly different experience. You can get all the shrooms you need from Purecybin. Our team of mushroom professionals uses their knowledge of biochemistry, nutrition, and food science to create excellent top-quality products to ensure you get the best out of your lemon tek experience. Head over to our website at, and you can even get 22% OFF your order when you buy shrooms online over $150 with the coupon code WELCOME22. Happy tekking!

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