What to take note of as a first time users of magic mushrooms,

First Time Users Of Magic Mushroom

While this may not be a topic everyone enjoys, the bad trips are made possible, and unfortunately, many users of magic mushrooms experience it at least once. Though not a guarantee, having a good understanding of how it works positions you better for the experience.

What is a “Bad Trip”

Psychedelic substances all have one thing in common, and that is the “Rabbit Hole” effect in which negative thoughts spiral, causing more negative thoughts to spiral as the trip continues. The severity of a bad trip ranges from negative thoughts that a trip sitter can easily remedy, to what’s known as a “terror trip”, in which case more serious intervention is needed to stop or prevent panic attacks from occurring.

A standard bad trip is a thought that lingers and goes on for hours after an individual just experiences it. An example is when the person hears the word “killer” on the news without context and feeling that someone is out to get you for the rest of the trip. Terror trips on the other hand are more severe in nature. They often result in crippling fear and complete emotional breakdown. In most cases of terror trips, users are reported to have seen or sensed a malicious presence; the feeling of creatures crawling on their skin, and difficulty in speaking.

Where Do “Bad Trips” Come From

Did the above section make you anxious about trying magic mushrooms at all? Then relax. Yes, you heard that right, all you have to do is relax. It is that simple. As a matter of fact, something as simple as a negative mindset is the leading cause of bad trips.

This is why we partner with other psychedelic experts to emphasize the importance of having a good set & setting as well as a trip sitter. It is easy to snap bad trips caused by negative thoughts. Something as simple as a change of scenery, better song, or wholesome conversation can reverse the effects totally.

On the other hand, terror trips are not quite easily remedied. To prevent the worst-case scenario, accountability rests solely with the user. Understand your feelings and do not force a trip if you feel uncomfortable, worried, or are going through a traumatic life experience.

If you are in a negative state of mind, then it is not advisable to take magic mushrooms except you will take them under the strict supervision of a licensed therapist. While mushrooms may work wonders on your mental health post-trip, the release of uncomfortable emotions may be too much for some users to handle without someone to guide them through it.


As a user of magic mushrooms, you are bound to experience a trip. It is important you understand yourself and know the right time to use it. You can take it under the supervision of a qualified therapist if need be. Need to get magic mushrooms from a trusted company? Then Purecybin is your best bet. Visit our website at PureCybin to order yours today.

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